Legal Alert/ Labour Direction publishes ruling about Inclusion Law

Wednesday January 13th, 2021

On December 30, 2020, the Labor Direction issued Opinion 3376/035 which specifies some aspects of the Inclusion Law. Among other matters, the Opinion modifies the criteria to determine the period in which companies are obliged to comply with the Labor Inclusion Law, applicable as from 2022.

In effect, as of January of next year, the obligatory nature of the law will be determined from January onwards, and not from January backward (current criterion). In other words, in January 2022 it will be determined whether a company will be obligated during the whole year 2022.

For the current year 2021, the criterion before this Opinion is maintained and compliance with this obligation must be reported in the portal enabled by the Labor Direction for this purpose.

Attached to this communication you will find the above-mentioned report.

Dictamen Ley de Inclusión Laboral

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