Sebastián Delpiano in El Mercurio Inversiones

Monday October 19th, 2020

The council of Financial Market Commission (CMF) recently adopted a resolution aimed at establishing a transition to a new supervisory and regulatory structure. According to the CMF, this new organisational model will be based on the Twin Peaks model.

Our partner Sebastian Delpiano in charge of the Capital Markets area talked to this publication together with other professionals in the area and highlighted among other things: “I think [the proposed new system] works: it is a very good initiative, because you focus each direction on what its task is and you eventually avoid conflicts of interest and manage to reduce duplications”.

He also referred to the role played by Sernac: “What Sernac is looking for is compliance with the law on consumer protection, different from what CMF will do, concerning seeing if there are breaches of stock market rules. These are completely different roles”.

El – Inversiones – La dispar suerte que se prevé para la _nueva_ CMF