Honorato | Delaveau signed alliance with Techlaw

Friday July 3rd, 2020

From many years ago Honorato | Delaveau has been characterized by its quick adjustment to changes that comes with the market and the evolution of the regulation that more and more demands greater innovation and technical development. Because of our expertise in the Financial, Corporate and Compliance area and bearing in mind the needs of our clients in permanent growth, we want to ensure that we deliver services that generate greater productivity and efficiency.

This makes it necessary to implement a legal practice hand to hand with technical development, with high levels of security and information management, technical intelligence tools increasingly essential in different markets and economic activities.

Therefore, we have signed an alliance with Techlaw, a leading firm in digital transformation for the legal market, with the development of tools in Fintech, Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure, Data Protection, Compliance and corporate fraud prevention. From this agreement, our clients will have preferential access to knowledge and evaluation of tools and infrastructure technologies of high complexity that can help them and generate value to their processes and services.