HD Compliance: Honorato & Delaveau’s specialized Compliance consulting firm

Thursday December 9th, 2021
Equipo HD Compliance
Equipo HD Compliance De izq a der: Rebeca Zamora, Sebastián Delpiano, Matías Zamora y Carlos Frías.

At Honorato | Delaveau, we have launched HD Compliance, a consulting firm that was created with the purpose of guiding companies in the creation, implementation, and compliance with regulatory and ethical frameworks, in addition to enhancing this area of practice, in which we have extensive experience.

This new line of business arises in response to the growth and sophistication of the requirements and needs of our clients, and of the market in general. Thus, we offer a specialized service, both in the creation, implementation, and execution of regulatory compliance frameworks, as well as in the strengthening of the corporate ethical culture within organizations.

HD Compliance will be led by Carlos Frías and Rebeca Zamora, as partners of the consulting firm. Rebeca is the first woman to become a partner in our firm. We are proud to be a firm that provides opportunities to all its members based on merit. Regarding the appointment and the consulting firm.

Rebeca Zamora said: “I am very happy and proud of the opportunity that HD has given me and I am confident that it is an excellent project. I have no doubt that, to face the challenges ahead, companies will require more Compliance, which is the only way to develop a corporate culture of integrity”.

On the other hand, one of the founding partners of HD, Sebastián Delpiano, stated that “today, stakeholders and clients consider compliance policies to be a plus, if not a must, as they are fundamental to protect the value and interests of the company”.

Regarding Compliance matters, he added that “today, it is not enough to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, if not, it combines a variety of disciplines that, due to their current relevance and future development, we have believed in the need to advise our clients through a different entity”. However, this new entity is not independent of HD, it will always be linked to our firm, and, in addition, it will have a multidisciplinary team focused on this kind of matter. HD Compliance will have three main lines of action:

  • Regulatory compliance in crime prevention within companies, with a national and international focus.
  • Internal investigation for the prevention and/or detection of fraud and other illicit activities of diverse nature.
  • Development and promotion of a corporate integrity culture.

This structure was created because, at HD, we understand that today there is a greater social awareness, increasing the demand for respect and compliance with regulatory, ethical, and legal matters. Failure to meet the expectations of stakeholders exposes organizations, both public and private, to constant judgment, which can affect their reputation, and we seek to support and guide our clients to establish transparent relationships with those around them. According to our new partner, Carlos Frías, the enormous challenge for companies “is to reconcile regulatory compliance with growth and development in the markets in which they operate”. “For this reason,” he added, “we offer a service capable of responding to this reality in a practical, proactive way, based on the team’s experience”. Our consulting firm HD Compliance offers a wide range of services:

  • Corporate Governance: corporate integrity model and training, training, and coaching.
  • Criminal Liability of Legal Entities: implementation of prevention models, internal investigation, audit, and due diligence.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorist Financing (TF): control and prevention of money laundering and financing of illicit activities.
  • Consumer matters: design and certification of compliance models.
  • Among other specialties.

The firm calls on companies to pay attention to these changes, in addition to taking early action through the review and improvement of their corporate policies, to ensure the welfare of both the organization as well as the employees and those around them.