Energy, Mining and Natural Resources

Honorato | Delaveau has actively participated in the development of the electricity, mining and natural resources industries in Chile, advising multinational companies that have made significant investments in power plants, gas pipelines and transmission lines.

In the energy area, the experience of the Honorato| Delaveau's lawyers includes various types of investments, project development, financing and acquisition of transmission and distribution projects, as well as hydroelectric, PMGD, wind, solar, unconventional non-renewable energies and fossil fuels power plants.

Honorato | Delaveau has participated in obtaining concessions, permits and licenses; advised on tenders and commercial agreements; advice on the preparation of construction, operation, start-up and financing contracts for all kinds of projects; construction of hydro, thermo, wind and solar generation projects; advised on EPC and O & M contracts; as well as in conflicts arising in the different areas of the activity.

In the field of mining, Honorato | Delaveau has advised numerous companies (especially "junior"), in all stages of their mining projects, including the establishment of mining property rights (concessions), permits, financing, construction and exploitation. Honorato | Delaveau has participated in the "crosslisting" of companies listed on the TSX-V of Canada in the Santiago Stock Exchange and in the private capital raising for the development of mining projects, either directly or through investment funds.

In the agricultural sector, Honorato | Delaveau has extensive experience in the development of agricultural and agroindustrial projects for production and export, including the acquisition of real estate, constitution of water rights, export contracts, purchase and sale of agricultural land and societies, financing of projects either through bank financing or specialized agricultural funds.

In the forestry area, Honorato | Delaveau has particular experience in the financing of plantations and development of forestry projects through bonds and investment funds, as well as the constitution of agricultural funds according with local regulations.
Finally, in the field of water resources, Honorato | Delaveau has participated in processes related to the constitution of water rights, their purchase or sale deals, as well as in relation to litigation related to said rights.