Honorato | Delaveau advises legal entities in the design and implementation of effective programmes of compliance, developed on the basis of the activities they carry out, including the detection, treatment and mitigation of crime risks (especially those could result in the emergence of Corporate Criminal Responsibility, under Law 20.393), corruption, financial wrongdoing, illegal competition, tax offences, consumer infringements, data protection, security of information, labor violations and environmental risk.

We also have extensive experience in the design and implementation of money laundering prevention and terrorist financing programs in the case of subjects bound by Law 19.913 that creates the Financial Analysis Department, as well as other legislation seeking to protect sensitive and privileged information that could severely affect markets.

We advise on Due Diligence processes for the evaluation of the compliance and anti-corruption systems of different companies, reviewing their activities, programs, policies and controls, in order to detect and mitigate the risks of legal transmission of corporate and /or administrative criminal liability and that may arise from facts prior to an operation.

Bearing in mind that reputation is a key asset for our clients, our programs are focused on the development and strengthening of Corporate Integrity, applying high standards and best practices at national and international level, seeking to promote compliance cultures and good corporate citizens. Therefore, and without prejudice to developing programmes or plans on specific subjects, we design comprehensive programmes that include subjects valued by workers, clients, suppliers and third parties concerned, such as sexual and labour harassment, human rights, discrimination, gender equity, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, sustainability and philanthropy, among others.